Fiat 600/ Zastava 750 spare parts

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Abgeschickt von Alex am 10 Februar, 2006 um 17:51:19

Antwort auf: Fiat 600/ Zastava 750 spare parts von Dejan am 02 Januar, 2006 um 20:07:31:

Dear Sir,

I am looking for spare parts for my old Zastava 750 Fico (1977). I would be very glad if you could help me in any way in my search or if you have any spare parts available and any constructions or parts books and lists you could send me.

I love this car more than anything else and I would like to reconstruct it. I am living in Greece and it is very difficult to find any kind of parts here because this car is very rare here.

Thank you very much for any kind of help you could provide me with