Information about the car Neckar Jagst of 1960.

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Abgeschickt von Eunice Lopes am 16 Juni, 2005 um 16:03:08


My name is Eunice Lopes and I'm from Portugal. My mother has a Neckar Jagst of 1960. She is thinking in restoiring it, but she doesn't have information about the car. I have been looking for information in the Internet about the Neckar Jagst, but I didn't find anything. I only saw information about the NSU-Fiat Jagst or the Neckar Jagst 770 and it isn't enough! I would like you to send me some information about the car or if not possible, about the NSU-Fiat Jagst and the Neckar Jagst 770.
Thanks for your help.
Eunice Lopes